Endodontist Retreatment of a Max 2nd Premolar – YouTube

Endodontist Retreatment of a Max 2nd Premolar
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Nikola Kostic | What’s your prefered sequence (plan A, plan B etc) in terms of instruments/techniques to be used for removing old GP for retreatment?
1 year ago

Cristian | what is the advantage to take out guttapercha the way he does it ? little by little with excavators and ultrasonic tips. I think it lasted a long time for the patient. Shouldn’t a headstrom be tried first ? maybe it gets out in one go.
1 year ago

karan5194 | Why is there no cuspal coverage? I believe the reason for the previous lesion is lack of proper compaction of the gutta percha causing bacterial infiltration
1 year ago (edited)

Vladimir Savenkov | Век живи -век учись!
1 year ago

eddie | Two questions :
1. Why not use gp solvents and H-files
2. In the end (3:38)did he say “NOW gutta purcha” or ” NO gutta purcha”
1 year ago (edited)

TAMEEM YAMANI | Amazing caase
8 months ago

Venkateswaran V | A H-File would have done all the job.
1 year ago

June | Please do you know a good doc in the south Florida area?
7 months ago

Krovo Stok | Рикуччи красавчик!)
1 year ago

enkelf | Never heard of placing cotton pellets to plug the apical foramen. Interesting but definitely not doing it.
1 year ago



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